Reclamation – Remediation – Recycling

SteelCoast is a preeminent reclamation, remediation and recycling facility in North America with a deep history of serving the vessel, marine and large metal asset industry.
As a provider to the US NAVY and MARAD, SteelCoast delivers maximum value solutions to its customers within a safe and environmentally conscientious operation.

As one of the largest and most technologically advanced reclamation, remediation and recycling firms located in North America, SteelCoast will provide complete end to end solutions including recycling of huge ocean-going vessels (both military and non-military) from around the world.

SteelCoast will also dismantle decommissioned, idled or underutilized oil rigs, train locomotives, railcars, as well as other industrial and commercial sources of recyclable metals. Additionally, SteelCoast will process automobiles and other light metal products. SteelCoast will then work to process and resell the scrap to be used in various other manufacturing industries.